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Khao Tao (Turtle) Beach

Khao Tao Beach is located near Xuan Son, near Khao Tao Mountain. It is distinguished by a large width (about 100 m), sloping descent, and the absence of stones. In general, it is similar to the Hua Hin City Beach in its least popular places.

Swimming here is problematic, as the shallow water stretched for several tens of meters. Sunbathing is also less convenient here than on other Hua Hin beaches. However, wandering around the sea, admiring the ships (near the pier), it is quite possible. The main advantage of Tao beach is its proximity to the picturesque mountain of the same name, as well as to the Turtle Temple, which is located on this mountain. You can take very beautiful photos.

It is not difficult to get here (6-7 km from the central part of the city), but you will have to go by individual transport, since the public does not go. The area here is very calm, there are few tourists.

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